Pet Professionals Choice
The choice of Pet Professional's in the Northeast

Pet Professional's Choice was created in 1995 with the Independent Pet and Feed Retailer in mind. As the challenges facing our industry began to mount from super stores, mass merchants and grocery outlets we saw a need and an opportunity. Products such as treats, toys, beds, accessories and specialty foods represent the profit center for our businesses. Our customers needed to have the highest quality products at or below the cost of inferior goods. The consumer relies on you to guide them through the maze of merchandise and help make choices that are right for them. Therefore our customers wanted us to provide products that exceed quality standards found anywhere else so they can proudly sell them to their customers. To meet these challenges we developed our own full line of high quality natural treats. We have added a number of product lines from some of the finest manufacturers in the pet industry. We increased our warehouse space in order to maintain our fast turn around time and work efficiencies. We continually monitor our cost of doing business in order to give you the best possible pricing. Our goal has always been to be a regional supplier who provides high quality products, fast reliable service and great pricing. As our name implies we continue to strive to be the choice of the pet professional's in our region. We are proud to service many of the top independent pet supply retailers from New England to New Jersey. Your business and trust is very important to us. We will continue to work hard to meet and exceed the standards you the customer set for us.

The Pet Professional's Choice Team