Shipping Policy and Pricing

For over twenty years we have worked diligently to keep all costs to an absolute minimum.  This includes shipping charges.  As you know the cost of shipping has increased dramatically over the past few years and we are proud to offer all our valuable customers low flat rate fuel surcharges and subsidized shipping.  We have two basic formulas, one for orders under 250 miles (zone 3 on the Fedex or UPS charts) and one for orders over 250 miles.

Orders under 250 miles of West Hartford, CT

  • Orders over $300 are charged a flat rate fuel surcharge of $10.00.

  • Orders under $300 will be charged our actual (discounted) cost.

Orders over 250 miles of West Hartford, CT

  • Orders over $300 are billed a flat rate of $10.00 plus an additional "Freight Zone" charge.  

  • Orders under $300 are charged our actual (discounted) cost of freight.

Pet Professional's Choice subsidizes the cost of shipping and customers are only charged the marginal rate of shipping a package to beyond "Zone 3".  For example:  if a 60 pound package cost us $14.00 to ship to zone 3 and $17.00 to ship to zone 5, the customer will only be billed an additional $3.00 for Freight Zone charges. Larger orders shipped via common carrier are handled in a similar manor ensuring you the lowest possible shipping cost.